Chair of Macroeconomics

General information on theses

If you want to write your thesis (Bachelor or Master) at the Chair of Macroeconomics, please note the following points:

  • If you want to write a Bachelor thesis, please register via the central award procedure. You do not have to submit any further documents or letters of motivation to us. The topic assignment always takes place at the beginning of the semester. You will receive the exact date by e-mail. The topics are mainly based on the lecture "Fundamentals of Macroeconomics".
  • If you want to write a master thesis, please note that you must have attended at least one of the lectures offered at our chair. The topics will be assigned individually. Please contact us at Professor Wenzelburger.

Thesis from previous semesters

To give you an idea of what topics our students work on, we have listed selected topics from previous semesters below:

  • Inflation measurement
  • Regarding the Marshall Learner Condition
  • Empirical estimate of export and import demand: When does the Marshall Learning Condition apply?
  • Efficiency wages in the AS-AD model
  • New approaches to monetary policy
  • Wage negotiations in the AS-AD model
  • The role of government in the AS-AD model
  • Monopoly unions and the AS-AD model
  • The approach by Keynes
  • AS-AD model between two countries
  • Model by Heckscher und Ohlin
  • On the Visualization of the AS-AD model
  • On the Endogenous Growth Theory
  • On the theory of small open economies
  • Learning in the AS-AD Model - A Dynamic Analysis
  • Analysis of trade between two countries in the AS-AD model
  • The Overlapping Generations Model according by Diamond
  • Analysis of the effect of debt restrictions on human resources in an OLG model
  • Exchange rate comparisons with the Big Mac index
  • Analyzing the effects of Public Debt on growth in an OLG Model
  • Analysis of a 3-period OLG model: The case with CES benefit function
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